Other Courses

Motorway Course £160 - 4hrs

Our motorway lessons are ideal for people wanting that little bit extra from a typical pass Plus course. 

Deal with slip roads, entering and leaving junctions, overtaking and most of all the dreaded service stops. 

Courses are 4hrs with a 1hr break in between

Test ready £100 - 3hrs

Been practising in a friend or family car? And need to know your test standard. After an initial assessment we can put a plan together to get the best out of your practical test.

Theory & hazard perception FREE

Register and learn with our dedicated partner Theory Test Pro, includes the new videos for all weather driving. Click on the following link and get a head start!!


Confidence Builder £150 - 4hrs

Not driven for a while after passing your test? Only drive on local roads? then this course is ideal for you; discover new roads, learn how to use the A-Z maps as well as the Satnav. Dreading the multi-storey carparks? Well why don't we simplify it for you?

Maintenance Course £150 - 4hrs

Ever wanted to save money and do a mini service? Or found yourself calling the breakdown service, just to change a tyre? 

Well why not book onto our maintenance course? We can teach you the basics. Teach you to change a tyre (roadside). Change wiper blades. Top up oil, and screen wash, and even show you how to change a bulb. And many more.

Intensive Course £1000 -40hrs

Our most popular package is the 40hr intensive course. This includes 1 practical test. Also included 1 free test if you fail the first attempt. Please see T&C's

Pass Plus £180 - 6hrs

Past your test? Still need a little help on; all weather driving, motorways, rural roads, town driving and many more? Then why not book onto this course. this course ideal for anyone wanting the full package to gain the skills need to become safer drivers on the road. our courses are tailored to your specific needs. On completing you will receive a non-transferable certificate from the DVSA

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